I’ll be blogging in english now for a while. And since it’s not my native tongue i’ll probably be making some mistakes so just bear with me.

Since we just entered 2012 I kind of thought it would be appropriate to look back at the 2011 season. So the year started good, I trained really well trough january to april. My first races off the season was in Denmark at MTBO Camp in mars/april. There was quite a big swedish group that went down to Skive for the camp which was really positive. My cycling felt really good all through the camp but I was struggling with my orienteering. I just wasn’t used to reading a map while on my bike. Directly after the camp I went down to Hungary for the first races of the world cup. It felt awesome to leave the cold nordic winter behind and after the camp I also felt more comfortable with my orientering. That didn’t help much at the races though. At the sprint I missed to punch a controle in the beginning and at the middle I got a flat tire after cycling through some glass. The long masstart felt better; my navigation was more or less spot on in the beginning and I got in with a good group. Made some mistakes though in the village and nearly lost them. But I had a strong finish and was fighting for a place in the top 30 when I got my second flat tire of the week. Ended up 38th.

The next races for me was the swedish champs. I was training really well til two weeks before the races when i suddenly became ill. Luckily I was able to do the races but my good shape was gone. I narrowly missed the podium at both the sprint and the middle (ended up 4th at both) and at the long I couldn’t keep a good pace going. My shape simply wasn’t good enough.  Atleast I got selected to do the world cup races on ”home field” in Rättvik. My first race on the middle distance was a distaster! Definitely the worst race of the year. The masstart went much better though. I couldn’t really keep up with pace the best guy where doing but my navigation was spot on. Ended up 28th and got my first world cup points of the season.

A couple of weeks later I did the MTBO race at O-ringen. It was a two day event with a chasing start at the second day. My first race went OK, I took one bad routecho
ice that did cost me the first place. When it was time for the chasing start I was in third position but my legs where really sore since I’d also been doing the regular foot-o competition. I had one guy starting just 4 sec behind me. He later told me that he didn’t read the map for the first half of the course. He’d just been focusing on following me. We caught the guy who started as second pretty quickly. I understood then that I was going to have to sprint for the second spot since these guys where both following me. When one of them attacked at the last controle I didn’t have any power left and so I ended up third. In the regular foot-o I got a 13th position. Not sure that’ll do both this year.

Then I moved to Silkeborg in Denmark in august for a semester abroad with university. Silkeborg is probably one of the best places in Denmark to live in if you’re into orienteering or cycling. I had a great mountainbike track just 5min from my flat. I trained a lot during my time in Denmark which made me well prepared for MTBO EOC in Russia.
I’m not really sure what to say about the sprint. People, cars and trucks where everywhere which really destroyed the race for almost everyone. The middle went good, and I got 27th place there. I was on my way for top 20 but some mistakes in the end destroyed that. I also did a solid first leg on the relay, got the changover as 6th team. Though we where later disqualified. I missed the long and sprint relay because of a cold.
My goals for next year will be the swedish championships in Stockholm and the world championships in Vezprem, Hungary. After racing internationally for two years now I think that I have a pretty good idea of what I need to improve if I want to get into the top 10 in the world which will be my goal. In late August we’ll now if I have trained welll enough.

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