Future plans

So after the semester in Denmark I’m now back at Uppsala University. This semester and the next I’ll be taking various courses in religion, geography and history which I hope will be interesting. I’m mainly looking forward to the geography courses which may not be that surprising considering the sports I’m into. Also after physical education, geography was my best subject in school.

But as the same time as I like to be home again I also feel really restless and I’m considering going for another exchange semester. I’m just not sure where to go. I don’t want to miss any of the MTBO season so I’ll probably have to stay in Europe since flying in from north america or asia will just cost to much money. So at the moment I’m looking into the different exchange options in the UK and if I want to go there my application should be finished in a month. But I probably wont have to make a decision until sometime later this spring.

The main reason why I want to go for another exchange is that once I’m finished I don’t really want to work in Sweden and I think the more international experience the better. And the reason that I don’r want to work in Sweden is that the teacher salaries are really low and the status of the profession is also really low.  I’m mainly considering moving to the other nordic countries but maybe the UK could be a future option? But again it’s not really anything I need to decide anytime soon.

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